Telesoft Partners is an an innovative new start up company that has a simple goal in mind- making the world a cleaner place. To that extent, Telesoft Partners is committed to creating outstanding automotive parts for used cars in order to make them more fuel efficient. However, there is more to this new company than meets the eye; it is more than just a business, it is a chance to make the world a better place.

Telesoft Partners is an engineering company with a heart, that is lead by its ambitious founder Julie Hayden who is quickly bringing the company to the forefront of the environmental scene. Her hopes of making the world an more environmentally friendly place are both practical and needed in today's world. By creating new technology that will make older cars more fuel efficient, Telesoft Partners is reducing the strain on fossil fuels, while helping their customers save money at the pump at the same time. However Julie didn't get this far on her own, and she would like to pay her respects for those who helped her on her way.

Furthermore, Telesoft Partners would like to thank Jan Kleissl of UCSD for all the time and effort that she spent teaching founder Julie Hayden the importance of creating a cleaner environment. Through her dedication to such high ideals, Julie was inspired to create a company that is dedicated to changing the world for the better. Additionally, Telesoft Partners owes a debt of gratitude to Milano's Automotive especially Luke from their Poway location. Here Julie was able to test her products on used vehicles in order to ensure the absolute best results for both the environment and for the customer. Telesoft Partners would not be the completed dream that it is today without their help.

Thanks to the Vision of Julie Hayden, the guidance of Jan Kleissl, and the support of Milano's Automotive, Telesoft Partners is closer than ever to realizing its goal of a cleaner, brighter tomorrow. Moving forward with only the best of intentions for both the environment and the consumer, the world will be a better place thanks to the parts designed and manufactured by Telesoft Partners.

Ambitious New Startup Wants to Help the Environment