There is a new start-up company, Telesoft Partners, whose business mission is to help the environment by the production of quality automobile parts for older car models. Cars which had great gas mileage, and were produced before the emergence of the excessive EPA requirements. These vehicles were easier for shade-tree mechanics to work on, while they were cost effective and easy to maintain, making these vehicles environmentally friendly. Kudos to Telesoft Partners for this environmentally correct business model and good luck.

Telesoft Partners must combat one of the precepts of manufacturing in the United States of America, which is the idea of "planned obsolescence". Any item manufactured today will reach its limit of durability in the near future. An item made to last forever has no opportunity for repeat sales. It does seem that all things will need to be replaced sooner or later, but consider that one light bulb which has been illuminating a fire station since 1901 in Livermore, Cal.

Cars are much more expensive than light bulbs, and composed of many different components, which are all working together to provide transportation upon demand to the owner. When a part fails, that part gets replaced. As a car begins to age some owners desire to buy the latest model while others, happy with their car, wish to drive their cars until they become a "rust bucket". For those who want to maintain their vehicles for as long as possible, the availability of quality parts becomes urgent.

This makes a case for Telesoft Partners, the parts company whose business model is to make available good quality parts for older car models that have proven to be economical in the areas of fuel economy and maintenance. While not everyone wants to repair and replace many parts on aging vehicles, the proud owners of classic, distinctive cars, who do their own repairs, relish having quality replacement parts readily available.

This is an idea whose time has come, and thousands of shade tree mechanics and proud owners of classic cars will become happy customers to Telesoft Partners as a business specializing in the production of quality parts.

Model for Success